Venice Drum Circle Stabbing: 4-24-11


Unfortunately, tonight’s Easter installment of the Venice Beach drum circle ended with a stabbing. Tony Vera was there with his video camera to provide all of us with video on what happened. The victim is believed to be in stable condition. (Interviews by Tony with the LAPD start at 11:15 in the video.)

Big thanks to the Pacific Division LAPD officers that had to work on Easter Sunday while their families missed them from Yo! Venice!

Given that it is April and the summer crowds are not yet upon all of us here in Venice, let’s hope that the Venice Neighborhood Council addresses their responsibility to the community and fully realizes their assumed titles of “community leaders” to call for a “town hall” with Councilman Bill Rosendahl and LAPD leaders to discuss the recent violent crimes that are both worrying Venice residents and also tarnishing Venice Beach’s reputation on a global scale as a tourist destination.

For the last year, the Linda Luck’s led VNC appears to be singularly focused on “special meetings” and “town halls” to support Social Service interests. It is about high time that they realize a stabbing death on the Venice Boardwalk, a gang related shooting on the Venice Boardwalk, tonight’s stabbing on the sands of Venice Beach and 100’s of other weekly crimes in the Venice community over the last two months need to be addressed by those that chose to call themselves “community leaders”.

Do the right thing VNC: try to help the home owners and residents of Venice for once. You are not rising to your duty like community leaders should do.

Note: I have been trying not to critique the VNC on Yo! Venice! for some time. It truly sucks that a neighborhood blog needs to school them on what they should be doing to help the community. The VNC is not doing these things of their own making so they need to be called on it.