Earth Day Rally to Protest Santa Monica Airport


From the Venice Neighborhood Council:

The skies over Venice and Mar Vista are raining with lead. There will be a rally on Earth Day, April 22nd from 3-5p.m. at Bundy Drive and Airport Avenue (East end of the Santa Monica Airport) to protest the use of leaded gasoline in all the propeller planes flying out of Santa Monica Airport.

The Venice Neighborhood Council’s Santa Monica Airport Committee is sponsoring an Earth Day rally to expose the use of leaded fuel in the propeller planes that are constantly flying over the Venice and Mar Vista neighborhoods. We are focusing on this issue for Earth Day since lead is a cumulative toxin.

Lead is banned in automobiles and paints, yet it is required in prop planes. It is especially harmful to children. There are over 16 schools in the flight path that the flight schools use over Venice and Mar Vista. This number does not include pre-schools.

There are six flights schools using this airport. The flights out of these schools account for 40% of all the flights from SMO. The Santa Monica airport directs ALL prop planes to fly over Venice and Mar Vista in what they call their “Fly Neighborly” program. We have invited the congressional candidates and Bill Rosendahl to attend this rally.