420 Day: Marijuana Dispensary Raids in Venice Beach


Update at bottom of page:

April 20th is the worldwide celebration day for Marijuana, as posted in the last story on this site. In Venice, it is also the day that the LAPD LA-IMPACT cracked down on Venice Beach dispensaries. (A Sheriff’s Department spokesman said that they were not involved in today’s raids.) Initial reports via email are that the Medical Kush Doctor and Medical Kush Beach Club on Ocean Front Walk were raided.

Kush Bust Venice
Thanks to Steve for the picture!

More updates when we get the call back from the LAPD!

Update: A source at the LAPD told me that the “raids” were compliance checks initiated by the State Medical Board with the assistance of LA-IMPACT, a multi jurisdictional agency. LAPD Pacific Division was asked to be there for uniform presence. LA-IMPACT may have had some warrants with them .. more to follow.

It appears that they seized computers at the locations …

Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force (LA-IMPACT)

LA-IMPACT targets, investigates and prosecutes individuals who organize, direct, finance, or otherwise engage in medium-to-high level drug trafficking enterprises. They place a high priority on those subjects engaged in the importation of drugs and to interdict such illicit supply lines and seize their drugs.



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