Safety Helmets at Venice Skate Park!


This past Saturday, in an effort to raise awareness on skateboarding safety, Councilman Bill Rosendahl presided over a free helmet giveaway at the Venice Skatepark. Rosendahl was joined by Margaret Heron, whose son died of head injuries from a skateboard accident, Jesse Martinez of the Venice Skateboard Association and Chris Terins of the S-One Helmet Company.

Venice Skate Park 3-26-11

Councilman Bill Rosendahl- Pictures by Ray Rae!

The use of helmets, elbow pads and knee pads is a highly contentious issue in the world of skateboarding. “Back in the day” helmets were actually worn with a certain sense of pride by skaters that were so ripping they needed protection from their own bad selves. These days not so much …

Venice Skate Park 3-26-11

Margaret Heron stands in front of the skateboard her son Jon Moak died on.

What skaters do on their own time is their own making, but when skating in a City of Los Angeles funded skate park, the rules are the rules, as posted: “Helmets, Elbow, Kneepads required for all skateboarders”.

Venice Skate Park 3-26-11

As part of Saturday’s skateboard safety awareness day, the awesome S-One Helmet company not only donated helmets to the Venice Skatepark and the VSA, but also gave away free helmets to many of the skaters in attendance! For that reason, we think all Venice parents with skating groms should support S-One and go buy their kids an S-One at Venice Originals Skate Shop!

Venice Skate Park 3-26-11

Unfortunately, on Sunday, one of the kids who was given a free helmet learned the hard way why helmets are needed. After being asked where his helmet was, the kid said “I don’t need that thing”, proceeded to enter the skatepark where he caught air, slammed the side of his head on the concrete … knocked himself unconscious … had a seizure … and was taken away by ambulance.

Seriously people … make your kids wear helmets.