Vehicles to Homes Lots in Venice?


Now that LAHSA and PATH have signed on for the “Vehicles to Homes” program, they will be addressing what parking lots in CD11 are suitable for the program.

Are there any lots in Venice that are well suited for the program, or are the lots in Venice simply too close to homes and schools? The ocean front lots at Rose and Washington are likely being discussed, as well as the lot near Beyond Baroque, the lots along Venice Blvd and spaces at local churches.

Venice beach

Will residents resent the program if RV’s are given beach front parking in Venice? (Legal and free beach front parking! – What a score! Who would ever leave!) Are the other lots in our town simply too close to residential housing not to create resident lawsuits against the city? Since the lots near LAX seem ideal for the program, should Venice even be on the table? Will Venice residents once again embrace local social services if they stop lobbying to have all of their “clients” stay in Venice and instead provide a shuttle van for their services to lots near LAX and other parts of CD11?

The majority of the forum posters on this site (including me) support the “vehicles to homes” program. As residents, lets take some time to constructively discuss which Venice lots, if any, are well suited for the Vehicles to Homes program in the forums.