Is This Your Jewelry?


From the LAPD Pacific Division:

On 2/7/11, a citizen saw three young male blacks looking suspicious and knocking on a neighbor’s door. The concerned citizen asked them if they needed something. They said that they were looking for their friend and gave a name. The neighbor told them that the name did not sound familiar. The suspects then walked away.


The citizen was suspicious and called the police and gave a detailed descriptions of the suspects. Pacific Area officers conducted extra patrol in the area and located three male black suspects matching the description provided by the citizen.


The investigation lead to the arrest of those suspects for three residential burglaries and an attempt burglary. A total of $18,000.00 worth of property was recovered from their backpacks along with the tools used to break into the homes. The importance of the citizens working with the police and providing information cannot be over emphasized and is greatly appreciated.


For many years, young gang members have been using the same tactics to burglarize homes. They normally work in small groups but can also work alone. They commonly knock on doors to see if anyone is home.

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If anyone answers or questions them they state that they are looking for someone or selling something. If no one is home, they make entry through a window or door and then let the others in. They commonly will have one or more suspects remain outside as lookouts and maybe using cell phones to communicate with each other. This new generation of burglars take their time to prepare, they are well groomed, clean, and dressed well. They try to blend into the neighborhood to escape extra attention. They may do walk ups after taking a bus and sometimes use rental vehicles.

Attached are photographs of jewelry likely taken from recent burglaries. If any of the items look familiar, please contact the Senior Lead Officer in your area.

Detective Victoria Lim
Los Angeles Police Department
Pacific Area Detectives
Office 310 482-6444