Venice Resident Flies Unfriendly in Skies


Just in from the “I thought Venice residents only argued on the internet” department:

A JetBlue flight diverted to Salt Lake City when a passenger, upset over having to have a credit card to pay for headphones, became so angry he later threatened to “take this plane down.”

Kevin Theodore Simon, 45, of Venice, Calif., was arrested by the FBI in Salt Lake City on a federal charge of interference with a flight crew. He remained in jail following a federal court appearance today.

Jet Blue

In details just emerging, FBI spokeswoman Debbie Dujanovic tells AOL Travel News Simon became increasingly unruly on the overnight flight from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale.

The dispute “apparently began with a request for a headset and the flight attendant informed him they don’t accept cash,” Dujanovic says. JetBlue only accepts credit cards for onboard purchases.

According to the FBI complaint, Simon “became argumentative and later was denied an alcoholic beverage as well,” Dujanovic says.

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Thanks to Craig T for the heads up!