Edible Landscaping! Lawn Alternatives!


Tired of the same old front yard? Pretty much all that a decorative lawn is good for is eating up “grow faster” chemicals and water! Why not consider lawn alternatives and edible landscaping?

Check out this apartment on Venice! Sustainable & organic gardening! 80’s Nagel inspired paint job optional!
700 Venice Blvd

These days it is pretty hip and eco-friendly to change out the old lawn into edible landscaping, adding great smelling and tasting herbs and spices that are low maintenance and look awesome! Add in some veggies and you are eating foods that are far fresher than anything you can get at the market!

700 Venice Blvd

You can have planters on the side of your house! Near the garage! Check out this DIY guide on planter boxes for more info! Even converting half of your yard space makes a huge difference!