“Hashbar Olympics” Today at 4:20!


Hashbar TV / The Kush Beach Club will be hosting the 1st annual “Hashbar Olympics” today starting at 4:20pm. Tommy Chong is scheduled to make an appearance.

It appears that the competition rules are as simple as: 1) rip a hit 2) hold it in as long as possible 3) blow it out and DO NOT COUGH 4) repeat, until the last person standing (or sitting) “wins”.

Lots of prizes will be awarded and Hashbar.tv is making a video of it that we will be featuring that at some point in the future. Good luck to all of the competitors! Glad to see that the Kush Klub is having friendly competitions for all of their sick patients!

1st Annual Hashbar Olympics
Medical Kush Beach Club
1811 Ocean Front Walk, Venice CA
4:20PM Monday, January 10th



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