VNC to Council : Amend 85.02


Whichever way you feel about this issue, free to let Councilman Rosendahl know by emailing him here!

From the VNC (the entire text follows the image):

VNC 12-22-10


December 22, 2010

Dear Councilman Rosendahl,

RE: CF 08-3125

The following motion to urge immediate implementation of the Vehicles to Homes Program was passed by the Venice Neighborhood Council on Tuesday, December 21, 2010.

“MOTION: Whereas: The VNC supports Councilman Rosendahl’s multi-pronged approach to the problems attendant with homelessness seeking relief for Venice residents, business owners and visitors and to assist those truly in need;

“Whereas: Implementation of the Streets to Homes Pilot Program is dependent upon amendment of Los Angeles Municipal Code 85.02;

“Whereas: The Oversized Vehicle Ordinance (CF 09-3036) has been approved by City Council and will be implemented soon;

“Therefore: The VNC urges the Councilmember to act with all due haste to send the amended ordinance to the full City council and seek support for full implementation of his multi-pronged approach.”

Amending LAMC 85.02 is essential to the success of your efforts to simultaneously provide compassionate services to those truly in need and to provide enforcement tools to protect the beleaguered Venice community which has suffered more than its fair share of the problems attendant with homelessness. Without proper and speedy amendments to 85.02, the services part of the program is impossible and the result—sweeping the problem down to the next community—is unacceptable.

Linda Lucks
Venice Neighborhood Council

Cc: Members of the Los Angeles City Council