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“Love is Present” : December 24th !

This Friday morning (Dec. 24th) at 8am, Venice resident Yvette Thor will be hosting “Love is Present“, a holiday scarf donation and gifting event for the homeless.

From Yvette:

Friends! Join me in my holiday project, Love is Present.

The possibility of my project is the possibility of being Loving, Inspired and Connected. The outcome is that there are no boundaries between you and me.

I live in Venice Beach, CA. There are a lot of transient, runaway, and homeless people. This holiday they will be gifted a beautifully wrapped present. Inside the box will be a scarf for them, and another wrapped scarf for them to gift to someone else. They will be gifted and will be able to gift.

They will be Seen.
They will be included.
They will feel love present.

There are numerous ways to participate …. between now and the 24th, we will be buying and taking donations of scarfs, boxes and wrapping supplies. There will be a gift wrapping/organizational party. And you are welcome to just join us on the 24th with a beautifully wrapped scarf in a box with another scarf soft wrapped inside, with a note on top of that saying “ For you to gift to someone of your choosing”. .

Meet us in the center of Windward Circle, Venice, CA at 8 am (time may change) where the Love Pilgrimage will begin.

And for those of my friends or friends of friends who do not live in the area, I request that if this moves and inspires you- please take this on in your area.

It can be just you gifting one, or your family and friends gifting more …. OR bigger and Beyond.

If you do, I would love to hear about it and share the experience with you.

I have had many friends and strangers moved by this project. A friend from 3rd grade that I haven’t seen in over 25 years, posted a video about my project and now I have scarves and donations coming in from 8 different states, so far.

truthlove ~ Yvette

To get involved you can reach Yvette at the event’s FaceBook page by clicking here!

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