Eun Kang Candlelight Vigil Tonight


Reminder: There will be a community candlelight vigil this evening to celebrate the memory of Eun Kang starting at 5:30 in the “Crescent Place Triangle” near Shell Ave. and Superba.

Eun Y. Kang

The candlelight vigil marks the one year anniversary of the brutal rape and murder of Eun Kang (who was pregnant with twins) by transient Boneetio Kentro Washington at her Electric Ave. home in Venice.

Updated with pictures from this evening:

Det Castruita and Det Carranza, the two homicide detectives in charge of the Kang investigation who were on the scene from day one pay their respects.

Eun Kang Candlelight Vigil

Eun Kang Candlelight Vigil