Help Catch a Bicycle Thief !


Want to help bust some bike thieves? Venice Officers recovered two bicycles from a known bicycle thief in Venice on 11-10-10. The problem is, the bicycles were not reported stolen and the LAPD is looking for the owners. If you have had ANY bicycle stolen, call in and report it. It is a huge problem that the LAPD catches the thieves, but can’t link the recovered bicycles back to their owners so they walk free.

In this case, one bicycle is a dark blue, men’s mountain bike and the other is a black, hybrid, men’s bike. Please contact Officer Thusing (310) 622-3968 or Officer Skinner (310) 622-3970 for more information.

Take this opportunity to call in any bicycles you have had stolen! Once again: if you don’t do this, the criminals get set free!