Saint John Hits the Studio


Local musician and man about Venice Saint John of Saint John and the Revelations has recently returned from Seattle where he was recording with Peter Buck (REM, Tired Pony), Bill Reiflin (R.E.M., KMFDM, Ministry), and Scott McCaughey (R.E.M., Tired Pony, Baseball Project).

saint john

From Saint John:
It was my first time in a real studio and I learned a lot from jumping right in with those guys. We recorded all the tracks live playing together which was a lot of fun and kept things fast and fun. We followed it up by doing overdubs with extra guitars, piano, foot stomps, etc.

saint john

Even just going to dinner and hanging out with those guys in general has taught me tons. I remember watching their videos and loving their songs as a kid, so to be working in the studio with them is a little unreal. We’ll have some samples of the recordings soon…