Challenged Athletes Foundation Fundraiser!


This is a letter from a close friend of Yo! Venice! who is a “challenged athlete” by definition, but an inspiration to all that know him:

I need some help here please. I’m running in a triathlon for the Challenged Athletes Foundation in less then two weeks. It’s a Great cause! Won’t you please join me in feeling great about it, and help kids and adults get back into living large and athletically by donating any amount you comfortably can. Please.

Challenged Athletes Foundation

80 cents out of ever dollar goes directly to outfitting and training individuals who need prosthesis, wheelchairs, and the like, so they can engage in an athletic and rewarding life. Some for the very first time.

It means the world to me, and you’d have my eternal gratitude!

Click here to donate on his donation page, or here for a general team donation. It would be great to help Chris and his team exceed their fund raising goals! BIG THANKS from Yo! Venice!to all that help!