Senior Lead Officer Summit in Playa Vista 10-6-10


Earlier this evening the LAPD hosted a Senior Lead Officer Summit at the CenterPointe Club in Playa Vista.

Neighborhood Meeting

Pacific Division’s Captain Peters and Senior Lead Officers met with nearly a hundred community members to discuss strategies for helping to combat crime together. Community policing has been a crucial in the past few years, especially given citywide budget cuts. Here are some tips we can all do to help fight crime in Venice:

– Always keep doors and windows closed and locked
– Leave absolutely nothing in your car – even a couple quarters will be enough for someone really desperate to break a window
– Install motion lights and security cameras
– Start or join a neighborhood watch – keep your eyes and ears open and watch out for your friends!
– Report every single crime, every time

Feel free to check out the Neighborhood Watch section of the Yo! Venice! forums by clicking here. Help start or join a watch group in your neighborhood!