Hit and Run in Venice 10-6-10


From BN:

Today at 12:50pm several cars were hit by what several witnesses say was a young caucasian man. Apparently, the first person to be hit was driving down Lincoln Blvd. headed north, when the suspect making a left turn onto Lincoln coming west off of Washington Blvd. side swiped the first victims car.

Hit and Run in Venice 10-6-10

The victim proceeded to follow the car from Lincoln turning left onto Coeur d’Alene Ave. (School street) The first victim says he only followed him to get his plate number. The suspect then sped west on Coeur d’Alene and made a wide right turn onto Abbot Kinney Blvd. headed west and hit a victim 2 car also heading that direction. Victim 2 almost hit 2 cars head on and he also proceeded in following suspect, which then led the suspect to to turn right onto Angeles Pl. with two cars behind him and a narrow one way street.

Hit and Run in Venice 10-6-10

Then a truck pulling out decided to block him in. The suspect then put his car in reverse and hit 2 or 3 parked cars on his reverse and nearly missed hitting a man. Thank god, school was still in session and no one was hurt.

Oh and the moron left his bumper behind with the plate number, car make and and color. California plate number 4UNA146.