Venice Skate Park Video by David Harry Stewart


As we are coming up on the one year anniversary of the Venice Skate Park this weekend, we will likely run a ton of celebratory Skate Park related stories this week.

Peep this fun video by David Harry Stewart which was shot over a 13 day period in May and June.

From David:

The first time I saw the skate park, I cold not believe how beautiful it was. That gorgeous sinuous concrete so close to the ocean. There were 2 camera operators and myself. All the crazy leap over camera stuff was me handholding on my back in the bowl. The style of the cinematography was inspired by the song. We had filmed for a couple of days, and I was looking for a thread to hold the piece together. I friend of mine in Portugul had just seen the band, and this track seemed so perfect, sort Beach Boys 2010. I think they are local, no?

The video was just featured at the Creators Project Conference in Beijing, which sort of blows my mind. Spike Jonz and Takashi Murakami were presenting amoung others.