Breaking News: Bomb Scare at Venice Pier? 9-4-10


6 cop cars and a whole bunch of crime scene tape are around the Venice Pier as of 9am. It is reported that the bomb squad has been called, but we don’t see the bomb squad trucks in the pictures. Thanks to Yo! Venice! reader Steve C. for the pictures and info, we will keep you posted when we hear more! Send your tips in by clicking here!

Venice Pier Sept 4, 2010

Update 9:26 am: Maybe it is just a firework on the beach? Steve C. rules! Thanks man!

Update 9:38 am: we took down the picture of the grenade firework because some guy (not Steve C.) wants to try and sell the picture to the news. Steve C. still rules .. good luck with that to the other guy!

Update 9:52am: It’s over. The dog said it was a firecracker. Thanks again Steve C.!

Update 11:30am: Thanks to Tracy for the additional picture of the “grenade”.

bomb scare

BombSquad Venice Beach

BombSquad Venice Beach



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