Blogger beware: Postings can lead to lawsuits!


On Monday, Yo! Venice! pal and head of the Venice Neighborhood Council Linda Lucks sent us an informative link from the LATimes titled “Blogger beware: Postings can lead to lawsuits”.

As you may be aware, all of the Yo! Venice! forums have this written at the top:

The comments, posts and views expressed and/or posted on this site by individual users or moderators do not necessarily reflect those of, our staff, advertisers or affiliate members. These comments and posts are the property and personal views of their respective poster. is not liable for any and all incidents resulting from user submitted comments or posts. Please post responsibly.

Heads up! Post on!

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From the LATimes:

The Internet has allowed tens of millions of Americans to be published writers. But it also has led to a surge in lawsuits from those who say they were hurt, defamed or threatened by what they read, according to groups that track media lawsuits.

“It was probably inevitable, but we have seen a steady growth in litigation over content on the Internet,” said Sandra Baron, executive director of the Media Law Resource Center in New York.

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Although bloggers may have a free-speech right to say what they want online, courts have found that they are not protected from being sued for their comments, even if they are posted anonymously.

Some postings have even led to criminal charges.

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