Venice Beach Public Health Alert


It appears that the recent RV Dweller “victory” (with The Coastal Commission decision to refuse overnight parking districts in Venice) has given the RV Dwellers a sense of entitlement and empowerment, as they are now brazenly dumping their fecal waste on the streets of Venice in total disregard for the law, public health concerns and common decency. Whereas in the past RV Dwellers “sneakily” emptied their septic tanks directly down the storm drains, these days they are taunting homeowners and renters by dumping their human waste directly into the streets.

If you see brown material in the gutters as depicted in this video and pictures (from three separate instances last week) please use the utmost of caution for yourself, your children and your pets as this human waste contains microbiological contaminants. We advise that residents and visitors not walk barefoot in Venice nor allow their children to wander unattended. Plastic bags used to hold fecal matter as seen in this picture should be avoided at all cost, as they are undiluted and can rapidly spread microbiological contaminants.

RV Pollution Venice Beach

This public health alert from YoVenice will remain in effect until the politicians stop arguing semantics and actually try and get the residents of Venice some relief from these lawless street dwellers by enforcing existing laws. This is an urgent health issue, not some “down the road” argument about street signs.

Please post any sightings of dumped fecal matter on the streets of Venice in the forums here to let your neighbors know what streets have been most recently affected. The number to contact for cleanup is the LA County FD Haz Mat (Health Hazardous Materials) department listed here.

Feel free to email Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa with your thoughts on this issue.

Transient Fecal Matter Venice Beach

Fortunately, the RV that dumped their waste in the video was caught due to the tenacity of Venice resident “Boston Dawna”. Dawna had her going away party today … more to come on that!

Big thanks to Big AL for the images!



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