City of LA Sues to Right Coastal Commission Wrongs


The title of this post is not without merit. The Coastal Commission voted against residential permit parking zones in Venice but have allowed them everywhere else along the California Coast. The Coastal Commission should either take away all of the residential permit parking zones in places like Santa Monica or they should allow it in Venice. Double standards are BS, and the Coastal Commission has double standards when it comes to Venice.

Mobile Storage, Venice Beach California

From the LA Weekly:

The city of Los Angeles renewed its year-old legal action against the California Coastal Commission this week, filing an amended and updated call-for-action in Superior Court that seeks to overturn a recent commission board vote that denies L.A. the ability to impose residential-permit parking zones overnight in Venice.

The filing in Los Angeles Superior Court Tuesday joins and updates existing action against the commission by the Venice Stakeholders Association and seeks to immediately void the June 10 commission decision, in a 6-3 vote, to deny “overnight parking districts” in the beach-side community. In other words, the city wants resident-only overnight parking as an option in Venice.

Tuesday’s filing claims that opponents at the June hearing had the effect of “emotionally and physically intimidating the commissioners into voting against the city based on considerations entirely outside the purview of the commission and the act.”

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