Ballona Wetlands Cleanup August 14th


On Saturday, August the 14th, there will be a volunteer cleanup of the Ballona Wetlands starting at 9:30am and again at 3:30pm. The monthly Stewards clean-up event is co-sponsored by the Ballona Wetlands Trust and GoEcokids.

Ballona Wetlands Trust

More information and directions on where to meet for the cleanup are “after the jump”.

From the Ballona Wetlands Trust:

We will divide the day roughly into 2 “shifts”, the 1st running from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm and the 2nd from 1:00 – 3:30 pm, with a break for a pizza lunch. Feel free to come for one shift or stay for both.

Where: Ballona Wetlands, at the baseball fields on Culver Blvd. between Lincoln Blvd. and I-90. Take the 405 to the Marina Freeway 90 West to the Culver Blvd. offramp, turn left on Culver Blvd. (going west or towards the ocean), and then turn left into the upward sloping driveway for the baseball fields (on the south side of Culver Blvd.). The left turn into the ball fields can be hard to find, so make sure to go slow. You should be able to see the high fences for the ball fields. If you find yourself passing the turnoff for Lincoln Blvd and going over a bridge farther to Playa del Rey, you have missed the driveway for the ball fields.
If you are coming from the west or Playa del Rey, turn right into the driveway soon after going over the bridge over Lincoln Blvd. If you go under the 90 overpass, heading east, you have missed the driveway.
When you arrive at the site, look for the group, probably gathering near the parking lot.
If you come via the Ballona Bikepath, look for the open gate near Lincoln Blvd.

What to bring: long pants, closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, and gloves if you have them.