Van Fire: Venice Beach


First there was a fire that started in (what we have heard) the dumpster behind AXE on Abbot Kinney today. Now we have word from Yo! Venice! friend Julian B. that a van was also set ablaze in Venice today.

Venice Beach Fire Picts by Julian B

We have no idea if the two were related and no idea if there is any connection to these two fires with the rash of arson fires last month, but we suggest being on alert as the arsonist was never found. Not being alarmist, but safe and alert is always good.

Venice Beach Fire Picts by Julian B

From Julian B.:
Not entirely sure what happened here, but when I drove by on my way home, this minivan had a few flames licking out of it and lots of sooty smoke. A guy was going at it as best he could with a fire extinguisher.

Venice Beach Fire Picts by Julian B

Turns out he was from a building nearby and noticed it and went at it.

People were calling the LAFD as I walked up to have a gander. The owner was trying to salvage a few things from the van — some bible interpretations and a hearing aid box is what I saw. And there was a shit ton of cans — probably for recycling — in the front of the van.

Venice Beach Fire Picts by Julian B

The LAFD arrived pretty quickly, navigated the tight corners and practiced putting out a smoldering car fire. Nervous car owners who had their trim whips parked in front and back anxiously fiddled with their car keys, but I think the damage was pretty isolated.



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