Venice Beach is the #2 Film Location in Los Angeles


The LA Times is reporting thru FilmLA that Venice Beach is the second most popular filming location in Los Angeles. Griffith Park takes the top slot.

Top 10 Locations

Overall production days were up 25% compared to last year, so it is a good sign that productions are returning to Los Angeles and dumping a lot of money in our town. We have heard complaints before by some of the shops and buskers along Ocean Front Walk that productions ruin their business while shooting, but many of those complaints seem somewhat exaggerated. Here is a colorful “pay us to shoot our store front in the background or I’ll put up a sign like this” that a shop tried on a production company.

Hollywood in Venice

As I have never been personally inconvenienced by a production company shooting in Venice (the worst was some noise from Californiacation at night near Holly Ct and Ocean at an ex’s crib), I have no complaints about it. To me, its all the remodeling nail guns early in the morning that suck!

Here is Matt Dowd, a busker on Ocean Front Walk getting cuffed for disturbing Californication filming in Venice. As always, the forums are free to register at and open for comment.