Gebert Gallery Features Mark Vinci Starting June 25th


On Friday, June 25th, from 7 to 9 pm The Gebert Gallery will host an opening reception for their new show featuring the works of Mark Vinci.

Gebert Gallery June 25, 2010

Mark Vinci: A Retrospective (2000-2010) will run June 25th through August 4th, 2010.

From The Gebert Gallery:

Mark Vinci’s work captures the feeling of racing through an urban cityscape at top speed with the lights of passing buildings streaking by. He accomplishes this by using a unique collage technique involving strips of full sized billboard material mounted on panels.

By deconstructing and then reincarnating these materials, Vinci creates a familiar visual context, one in which the viewer is immediately engaged, involving them in a personal dialogue, symbolic and evocative of their contemporary, technological experience.

Balancing between abstract expressionism and futurism, Vinci’s collages deliver an unusual fluidity of movement, a film like “swish pan” effect of blurring images, compositional stratifications and slashes with a meta-realistic vibrancy and energy. The result is a unique contemporary commentary, an all-American apprehension of our urban space.

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