Venice Beach Home Invasion


According to The Venice Walk Street Association, there was a home invasion last night in the 700 block of Marco Place. “The residents were home but no one was hurt, just shook up. A laptop was taken and the home was in disarray. Police were called.”

Marco Pl.jpg

While the LAPD pursues their leads there are many things that we can do as residents to help defend ourselves against breakins. According to Pacific Area Property Crimes Coordinator Detective Nina Serna, approximately 80% of all burglaries happen when homes are not secured, meaning open or unlocked windows, garages, back doors etc. Suggested things from the LAPD to help secure your residence: Video security cameras scare thieves off. Motion sensitive lights are good. Indoor light timers set to turn lights on and off at random times are good too. Setting your sprinkler timers so that they go on during the day helps make crooks think you may be home when they see wet grass. Leave a TV or stereo on when you are not home. Lock your gates. Thieves will move on if they think that you may be home. Another good rule of thumb is to not tell people what you have in your home, and make sure that your children do not brag to friends that mom or dad may have a lump of cash or other valuables sitting around the house. Get a security camera system too!