Bomb Scare in Venice Beach


There was a bomb scare in Venice Beach today on Market St. As you can see in the pictures, it appears they diffused a skateboard by blowing it up. Better safe than sorry we assume, so thanks for “lookin’ out”, LAPD.

From eyewitness Ravi: (Click on any of the pictures to make them full size!)

The package was found in front of the building across from Nikkis. In the pictures, you see the cop kneeling at the bomb on the left, then the robot taking it down towards Ocean Front Walk, then the debris alongside of Big Daddy’s where they blew the charge at 7:49 pm.

Bomb Scare Venice Beach

The police wouldn’t let me around the corner when they blew it, but, they said it was a false alarm. Nobody hurt. They let Nikkis and the pot shop stay open with entry from the alley.

Bomb Scare Venice Beach

Bomb Scare Venice Beach

The moving robot pics are from inside Nikkis. All the Big Daddy workers were outside waiting to go clean up. Larry wasn’t there.

Bomb Scare Venice BEach



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