Hippie Folk Funk Art Show at Surfing Cowboys Abbot Kinney


Surfing Cowboys has a new exhibit up called “Hippie Folk Funk” that is a “collection amassed over many years, representing a collective spirit of creativity and a cultural and political energy that we don’t see very often anymore.” The show includes more than one hundred pieces.

Surfing Cowboys Abbot Kinney

Surfing Cowboys says it is “not a statement about flower power of the trendier side of ‘hippie’ that has flooded pop culture lately. Amazing paintings, collage, ceramics, furniture, sculpture and political protest art evoking the political unrest of an era. Emblematic of the heartfelt emotion induced by a culture focused on experimenting with new things, ideas and the collective, un-named individuals that spent hours, days and weeks creating art to express their feelings about the time.”

Surfing Cowboys Art

Thanks to Lauren B for the heads up and calling it “super neato”.

Surfing Cowboys
TUES – SAT 11:00 AM -7:00 PM, SUN – MON 11-6
1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice Beach California 90291



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