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Venice Beach Write in Campaign for Safety: Week Five

Have you noticed Venice getting better? Are there less aggressive transients around town? Do you feel safe walking near your own home? If not, you need to make the effort and write in again this week.

In the last week, readers of this site have commented that the LAPD Pacific Division seems to be listening and helping out our community by getting safety lights replaced and making their presence known to some of the transients that are terrorizing our neighborhood. THANK YOU LAPD! Readers here have also mentioned that LAPD officers have been told not to pursue these aggressive transients by decree of Councilman Rosendahls office. We do not know the validity of this, but have been forwarded emails that show the “Legal Clinic for Venice”, sponsored by The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles has actively been passing out fliers to the “Homeless People and People Living in Vehicles” in Venice that seem to be begging the homeless and people living in vehicles to make legal cases against the LAPD in their enforcement of existing laws that prevent people from living on city streets.

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Venice Community Housing Corp

While you are reading this and thinking you may write in “next week” realize that there is an activist group in Venice that is actively trying to tie the LAPD up in court for enforcing existing laws. Is it any wonder that officers are not enforcing the laws as they are being threatened with legal action every time they do?

I have also been told that the “Homeless People and People Living in Vehicles” are allowed to vote in VNC elections. If this is correct, your vote as a tax paying Venice resident counts equally with someone that lives in an RV outside of your house. I can’t see the logic of having transients having a vote in a community that they hold no vested interest in … how did this happen if it is in fact true?

Make some noise people! The more you email and call your politicians and tell them that their studies and theories are not working and we are suffering every day because of their inaction, they more they will be inspired to help us.

Our unhappiness with our politicians on this issue is being heard. In the last week, the national blog MetBlogs picked this story up. Readers, who do you know at major news outlets in Los Angeles? We need to get the Mayor to respond to the people of Venice using the major media outlets … from what everyone has said here the Mayor does not reply and Rosendahl is not taking action.

Here is the repost of how all of this started with contact emails that follow. Help Venice, send emails.

It is recommended that you add the LAPD dispatch line at (818) 734-2223 to your cel phone speed dial and report any and all crimes that you witness in Venice to the LAPD. It is only by reporting and demanding that the LAPD and elected officials enforce existing laws that Venice may recover from the present situation it is in. We can not ignore the safety issues that exist in Venice anymore. This is NOT a developer backed gentrification effort, this effort is being led by concerned residents and anything you hear contrary to that is a blatant lie.


Reposted from week one:

A “pissed off” Venice resident tired of being “pissed on” has decided to start an old fashioned write in campaign to get the community together for the greater good of safety by petitioning local politicians and police members to actively try and improve the living conditions for all Venice residents.

Here is the “write in” letter from Venice Resident Steve G:

The Subject Line Should Read:

(Personalize this or Cut and Paste if you like but this is what I am writing:)

Dear Mr Mayor, Mr Rosendahl and Captain Peters,

As a long time Venice resident I cant help but notice the growing number of Transients, Homeless and RV Dwellers that have invaded Venice in the past year. It is sad that some of these people have fallen on hard times, but some are Mentally Ill, Substance Abusers or just “Homeless by Choice” Why is the City ignoring the requests of victims (taxpayers) of this squalor. Puke on the sidewalks, “homeless” people, addicts and RV dwellers harassing actual tax paying residents and tourists is simply unacceptable.

I have learned that there has been a request for a special police unit dedicated to the Transient/Homeless people living in Venice. This is my official request as a tax paying Venice resident. WE NEED MORE POLICE OFFICERS DEDICATED TO THE TRANSIENT/HOMELESS ISSUES WE ARE EXPERIENCING HERE IN VENICE! There is a fine line between Civil Rights Taxpayers Rights, Human Rights and Quality of Life. WE need more officers to do their Job thoroughly, accurately and efficiently and separate the Criminals from the people who need help and are willing to accept help. Please protect the rights of your constituents and give us the police support we desperately need. Let the police enforce the laws on the books: LAMC 85.02 No Person is to live in their vehicle day to day on city streets. or LAMC 41.27 “No person shall drink any malt, spirituous or vinous liquor containing more than one-half of one per cent of alcohol by volume, upon any street, sidewalk or parkway, park, playground.” You do not need any more motions or laws just let the officers do what they are paid to do…enforce the laws and let the city attorneys prosecute.

Mr Mayor make a commitment towards some real solutions before its too late.

PS: Pacific Division Police Department, Thank you for your efforts last week with the beach sweep I hope this will continue on a regular basis for a safer Venice.

Please E Mail These People:
mayor@lacity.org, councilman.rosendahl@lacity.org, jon.peters@lapd.lacity.org

CC These people:
mike.bonin@lacity.org, larry.frank@lacity.org, Arturo.Pina@lacity.org, mark.grant@lacity.org, ctrutanich@lacity.org, Jane.Usher@lacity.org, claudia.martin@lacity.org, krisiloff@aol.com, jay.carson@lacity.org, laura.mclennan@lacity.org, nate.kaplan@lacity.org, margaret.hash@lacity.org, dela.jimenez@lacity.org, John.Gregory@lacity.org, nancy.aguilar@lacity.org, jim.kennedy@lacity.org

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