“Panoramic Venice – The Long View” Now at the Abbot Kinney Memorial Library


The Venice Heritage Foundation’s “Panoramic Venice – The Long View” is now up at the Abbot Kinney Memorial Library.

Venice Heritage Foundation

From The Venice Heritage Foundation:

Panoramic photography was popularized with the introduction of the Cirkut Camera in 1904, just in time for Abbot Kinney’s Venice-of-America. Resort communities were attractive destinations since the crowds and events offered ready subject opportunities. Most popular? Bathing beauty lineups, you bet. The negatives for these photographs could be up to 16″ high and 20-feet long. Close to 20 old and new images of Venice are now on view at the Abbot Kinney Memorial Library along with an explanation of how these unusual photographs are made.

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The Venice – Abbot Kinney Memorial Library
501 S. Venice Boulevard
Venice, 90291