Moomat Ahiko Santa Monica


OK, it is in Santa Monica, but all of us here in Venice use the street. Ever wondered what Moomat Ahiko did to get a street named after him/ her? Lots of people do. So here is the “whaddup” on Moomat Ahiko :

In 2004 the City Council of Santa Monica selected Moomat Ahiko Way as the name for former Route 187, which connects Ocean Avenue to Palisades Beach Road. At that time, it was presented as the Chumash phrase for “Breath of the Ocean.”

Moomat Ahiko

Ninety-seven names were submitted via an online survey for former State Route 187. Following Council discussions, the name Moomat Ahiko Way, meaning “Breath of the Ocean,” was selected to pay tribute to the native people of the Santa Monica area. Staff consulted various sources, including the Gabrielino Tongva Tribal Council in Santa Monica, and confirmed that “Moomat Ahiko” is of the Tongva language, Shoson, and can be translated to “Breath of the Ocean.” It can also be translated to “Breath of the Sea.” The Tongva people are the native inhabitants of the Santa Monica area; the Chumash inhabited the area between Malibu and Paso Robles.