FAA Changes Santa Monica Airport Flight Path


The Santa Monica Mirror is reporting that the FAA is changing the flight pattern of the Santa Monica Airport. The change will divert take off traffic away from LAX, putting the aircraft over Santa Monica Near the Pier rather than allowing them to head towards Venice. Santa Monica residents don’t seem to be happy about this, but Venice residents should notice a bit less air traffic over their heads.

Picture from CSULB

Venice Beach

From the Mirror:

This December, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will begin a 6-month test of a proposed change to piston-powered instrument flight rules departure procedures at Santa Monica Airport (SMA). Small piston-propelled aircraft will climb to 400 ft and turn 40 degrees, a relatively quick turn compared to previously waiting to reach the shore. This turn is estimated to take place roughly over Penmar Golf Course, taking the 12 – 20 of these aircrafts daily in the direction of Santa Monica Pier.

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