Dog Walking Services Offered



Need a Venician to pet sit or walk your dog? A professional dog walker since 2002, Mandie has space for a new pup or two. We trust her to walk Flora the Yo! Venice! pooch. Flora likes being out and about much better than being locked down, as witnessed by mopey cage face.


Responsible, reliable and professional a rain or shine 30 minute neighborhood walk is $20.

Services include: dog walking in your neighborhood, not just driving the dog to the local park. One on one (not multiple pet) walking, pet sitting in clients homes for overnight stays or longer or just daily feedings of cats, changing the litter and keep them company while your away. Mandie is highly discreet and confidential regarding her clientele. Mandie can supply great rates & references. Contact Mandie at (310) 619-0025 or email her by clicking here here



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