Aviator Nation Opening on Abbot Kinney


There are some signs up on the side of 1224 Abbot Kinney saying that “Aviator Nation” will be opening there soon. From the looks of it they make beach and surf “lifestyle” inspired clothes that remind us a lot of the old Natural Progressions Malibu / OP / Lightning Bolt stuff from the 70’s and 80’s. Headquartered in Venice, their site says they are sold all over the globe.

Aviator Nation Abbot Kinney Venice BEach

From their website:

Aviator Nation has taken the vintage t-shirt reproduction to the next level. Paige Mycoskie, creator of Aviator Nation, has spent years collecting her own vintage t’s. She has never been into buying the reproductions of rocker t’s and other vintage reproductions because in her opinion the new ones don’t look or feel anything like a true vintage piece. Paige’s obsession with authentic vintage t-shirts, specifically “vintage sports t-shirts” has inspired Aviator Nation.

Here is a video we found that interviews the owner of Aviator Nation about her wares.

Aviator Nation
1224 Abbot Kinney
Venice 90291