The Second Coming of Venice Skateboarding ?!


Dennis “Polar Bear” Agnew

It is in the “air” around town that the opening of the Dennis “Polar Bear” Agnew Memorial Skatepark on October 3rd may create a skateboarding scene unrivaled since the ’70’s and 80’s where skateboarding was born and Dogtown skaters made international history.

Imagine all the local shops and board makers creating ‘lil grom teams of 12-18 year olds … SMA, Venice Originals, Arbor, Rouge Status, ZJ Boarding House and Horizons West just to name a few. It is inspiring that some of the guys that helped introduce skating to the world are still here and talking about taking it to the next level bringing up a new bowl generation as their own teams for the world to see. With all the skate shops around here there is NO stopping Venice and the next wave of bowl skating if they can work together and get some monthly competitions going.

THAT would be something unseen since the Marina Del Rey Skate Park was blasting the James Gang, and we DIG it.

(Unknown source on picture of Dennis “Polar Bear” Agnew)