Bicycle Coalition Citywide Bike Count Tomorrow at 9am!


Councilman Bill Rosendahl and the LA County Bicycle Coalition need some volunteers for tomorrow mornings bike count beginning at 9 am Tuesday, September 22, 2009.

bicycle in venice beach california

Rosendahl, the chairman of the Transportation Committee, will take part in the first Los Angeles Bicycle and Pedestrian Count conducted by the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) at Venice and Lincoln but you can volunteer to count at other intersections by simply signing up here.

The count will give policymakers a better idea of how many people travel by bicycle and foot in Los Angeles, and where the bicycle and pedestrian traffic is the heaviest. More than 200 volunteers will be located at some of the City’s 50 busiest intersections during rush hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday to record the number of cyclists and pedestrians crossing the street.

LACBC plans to track year-to-year changes in cycling and walking habits at these key intersections and continue working with Rosendahl, city planners and LADOT to ensure that the counts inform the Bicycle Master Plan as well as city planning. Snacks, drinks, and a Saturday night appreciation party will be provided for volunteers.