Bikini Parade World Record Broken in Venice? Not So Much.


In an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of most women assembled for a bikini “parade”, the Oxygen channel show “Bad Girls Club” and Malibu Strings Bikini set up a few tents and asked women to sign waivers so they could walk around in front of a bunch of cameras for their TV show today. Cast members from the show (with bios like “Amber M. grew up poor and sheltered, but quickly learned she could steal the spotlight. She lives for fun, sexual escapades and insulting other women.“) were mixed in with all the other ladies that showed up.

Bikini World Record Venice Beach

We are guessing 120 or so women signed up and maybe half that did the “parade”. They needed 281 bikini walkers, so the record remains in Vegas. It is very likely that they did break the Guinness World Record of most photographers ever assembled at a bikini “parade” in Venice Beach, as the ratio seemed about 30:1 photographers with big old pervy zoom lenses to each girl. (We rocked our point’n’shoot devoid of zoom today, bummer for you!).

Bikini World Record Venice Beach

As a total aside for all productions that come to Los Angeles and need extras casting: use Creative Extras Casting, which is run by a local Venice Resident. CEC casting kicks butt on Central Casting and are the best casting agency in Los Angeles to deal with, from large to small movies and also television. Oxygen should have called them first, as they could have broken the record today!