Best Cheap Date Place in Venice Beach?


The economy is a bit slow these days but we all need to get out and about. Fortunately catch and release pier fishing is alive and well. (It is legal to eat most of what you catch, but ya probably shouldn’t?)
Fishing Venice Pier
You may catch a sand shark or an old barnacled boot, but by the time it hits the deck of the pier a crowd will surround you excited to see what treasure you have unearthed from the sea. The length of time it takes to walk from the end of the pier to the parking lot is sufficient enough to enable the tiny stout infantfish to grow into giant sea bass and all will be well in the passage of generational fish stories. A fun time for grandparents and their kin, mothers and fathers and sons and daughters, first dates/last dates and even just a few friends with a secret stash of brew in the tackle box … everyone can borrow a fishing rod and pony up a few bucks for a fishing license and bait to have a lifetime worth of tales.