VeniceStock 2009: Showcasing of a New “Venice Sound”?


The first annual VeniceStock was held yesterday. The lineup, well selected by organizer St. John of local band St. John and the Revelations, showed just how strong of a musical scene we have happening in Venice right now. Despite varied musical roots, all of the bands were friendly with each other and worked well together as a whole. From chunka chunka leather pants guitar rock to Hawaiian rooted reggae and other genres between yesterday was truly a day for appreciating great local music.

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The day started with a pesky neighbor wanting to “read a book” so they repeatedly called the police on the party.

The police, apologetic that they had to keep coming back to the decidedly polite and not very loud event, eventually had to shut it down around 6:30, at which point Mike Cassell from The Stronghold on Abbot Kinney literally and generously saved the day by saying “lets take this to The Stronghold”. Awesome random kindness and hospitality by all of The Stronghold crew ensued and the band gear and most of the people from Horizon where it started walked, biked or drove over to start part two of the day.

Pesky neighbors gone, VeniceStock really shone once the artists got to play above a whispers volume. Stevie Starlight, Paul Chesne, Braw! and Saint John and the Revelations finished the day off at The Stronghold.

Yo! Venice! standout performer of the day award had to go the Hawaiian rooted Braw! Fronted by a great singer Keri likened to “a hot Hawaiian Gwen Stefani”, Braw! had the audience in their hands as they jammed their set away.

We look forward to VeniceStock 2 … and assume it will be around this time next year at The Stronghold.

Thanks again from Venice to St. John and Mike Cassell from The Stronghold for making this happen! The Venice music scene is VERY alive and kicking ass.