New Update on Recent Venice Burglaries


Keri and I went and spoke with Pacific Area Property Crimes Coordinator Detective Nina Serna today. The LAPD is on the case and the leads they have are very strong. Unfortunately one of the victims could not identify the possible suspects. If you witnessed one of the burglaries or were burgled yourself, you need to get in contact with them and try and help solve the case.


The picture above shows a typical case file size sitting on top of the March and May Venice Burglaries binder. There are a few things that we can’t write about here but we feel personally that the LAPD is doing a great job investigating their leads.

Things to remember: write down your serial numbers!!! Lock your windows and do not leave valuables in plain view (lap top an arms grab from a window). Talk to your neighbors and look out for each other … information can move fast when it is shared, so encourage your neighbors to post here where the information will be shared with the LAPD. (Yes, the LAPD reads our forums, yo!)

We will post more when we are told we can share the information.