Venice Neighborhood Council Initiative Election Results


Venice Neighborhood Council Initiative Election Results

Measure A, Rescinding VNC Board Approval of Overnight Parking Districts in Venice Fails
Measure B, Affirming that Venice Residents Have the Right to Establish OPDs Passes

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Venice, Calif., February 22, 2009—1512 Venice Stakeholders voted in an election held Saturday, February 21, 2009 to determine their support for two initiatives placed on the ballot by different stakeholder groups.

Measure A, rescinding VNC Board approval of overnight parking districts in Venice failed. The vote was 634 in favor, 868 against with 9 abstentions.

Initiative B, affirming that Venice residents have the right to establish OPDs for their blocks passed in a vote of 891 in favor with 608 against and 13 abstentions.

Fifteen hundred twelve people voted in the election with some standing in line for an hour before casting their vote (in addition to the 1512 ballots counted, 13 provisional ballots were cast). The vote represented an historic turnout in VNC elections, surpassing the 2005 turnout of 1189 voters. Mike Newhouse, President of the Venice Neighborhood Council said “The number of people voting in this election is a tribute to the grass roots groups that got out the vote for their respective initiatives and to the interest Venice residents had in the outcome. Administering the initiative process was a first for our Neighborhood Council and I thank our Election Committee for their service and conduct.”