VNC Meeting Agenda for Feb 17th


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From Marc Saltzberg:

Venice Neighborhood Council Board Meeting on February 17th to Consider Emergency Preparedness Strategy & Redevelopment of County Lands in Marina del Rey

The Venice Neighborhood Council Board will vote on whether to adopt the Neighborhood Committee’s strategy to develop a Venice Emergency Preparedness Plan on February 17th, at its next meeting. Elements of the strategy include education, block-by-block organizing, partnerships with City Agencies and the American Red Cross, and promoting personal emergency preparedness planning through pre-printed forms and checklists.

In other action the VNC Board will vote on a resolution requesting the County of Los Angeles to halt re-development of Marina del Rey until a comprehensive review of all current development plans is completed in accordance with the recommendations of the California Coastal Commission. Another resolution on the agenda recommends against the early termination of HUD leases for the owners of Breezes Del Mar Apartments. The Board will also appointment a new board member to fill a vacant seat.

A scheduled vote on placement of street furniture has been postponed while the current policy is being reviewed. The current policy has been posted to the Internet.

Snacks and coffee will be provided.

A detailed agenda will be posted on the internet at and at posting places in the community.

There is no charge for this event. It is open to all Venice stakeholders and public comments are encouraged.

For more information, contact Marc Saltzberg, Outreach Officer at [email protected], 310-606-2015.