A Note to Yo! Venice! from Adam Pacheco’s Loved Ones


My love, words cannot describe how much we are hurting without you. 16 years of my life I spent with you. You where the best daddy any little girl could ever ask for, Thanks to you our daughter Desiree has accomplished so much in the 12 years she got to spend with you. She was School president of her whole elementary school for her 5th year, she made 3 honor scholar classes for middle school, has come out in 2 plays at the actor’s gang theater and multiple other talent shows (She has your confidence) you made sure she accomplished your dream of seeing her play softball at North Venice little league, the way you did when you where a little boy, thanks to you pushing her to do her best she made the All STAR both years. You where a dedicated father and husband you always made sure we were taken care of.


It really hurts to know somebody has robbed us of our future together you are my soul mate. You where everything to us, you gave us strength and courage in this world, I do not know how we can go on without you, the pain and hollowness is too much to bear for me.

Please give me the strength to wake up in the mornings, I will do my very best to continue making sure Desiree makes it to college the way you always wanted her to. I can still remember your words to her “Education is the key you have to go to college and get a career honey” “school is very important” she will remember all the encouraging you gave her for the rest of her life, she knew you were proud of her every time to would speak to someone about her. We miss you and love you, please be our guardian angel and protect and look after us. Our life will never be the same without you.

Media: it hurts to think that my husband is being categorized as a gang member, Adam was born and raised in Venice and loved this city. He was a Local and a legend to everyone that knew him in Venice. He was a hard working man a fire sprinkler fitter for the Union Local 709. He saved life’s installing these. He did not deserve to be killed in such a cowardly way being shot from the back; he did not even see it coming. It makes me sick how somebody can do this to another human being, they have taken him from us and we have to live with the pain while they walk around breathing. Please if anybody has any information please call the detectives at 310-482-6370