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Abbot Kinney Street Festival Shooting

I had a great time at the Abbot Kinney Street Festival yesterday but woke up to an email asking “why all the helicopters” from Keri and a link to this story in the LA Times from another friend. People make no sense sometimes and this is one of them. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims.

Update: The victim was Adam Pacheco, pictured here. RIP.
adam pacheco

From the LA Times …

Man killed, woman critically injured in Venice shooting
Witnesses said the gunman ‘just walked up and started shooting.’

By Scott Glover, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 29, 2008

A 30-year-old man was killed and a 25-year-old woman was critically injured in Venice Sunday night as a street fair was winding down for the evening, authorities said.

Witnesses said a gunman dressed in black “just walked up and started shooting,” said Officer Karen Smith, a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman.

The shooting occurred about 9:30 p.m. as the victims were standing near the intersection of Abbot Kinney Boulevard and California Avenue.

There were preliminary indications that the two were shot after a dispute among people who had been attending a fair called the California Festival, said Cecil Manresa, a Fire Department spokesman.

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  • The news reports got it wrong. The man was killed outside of the Other Room, when he left the bar. It was not connected to the street festival, and it wasn’t a drunken fight. It was someone who knew who they were aiming for. This is an example of poor reporting, and perhaps a way of deflecting blame from drug or gang related activities that may or may not occur at the Other Room.

  • Gun wielding gang members, straight from Venice Beach. Ultra Hip Abbot Kinney might become the Westwood of the new millenium.
    Who among us really needs that BS? Its bad enought the The Abbot Kinney festival has been as lame as it is for years running, and now we have the entrance of geniuses with guns. See ya later Abbot Kinney.

  • beachcruiser, how do you know this? as a venice resident with a family i hope you’re right – were you there? and were both the man and the woman shot “being aimed for”?

  • I was standing 20 feet from the guy shot last night. There was no argument, just gun shots. I had just walked out of The Other Room. A friend came out after me to ask me a question. So I stopped just 20 feet south of the door. I did not see the shooting or the shooter. My buddy was facing toward the shooting. He gave his story to the cops. The guy was standing right in front of the door, facing it. When he was shot he fell straight back to the ground. He never really moved after that. We tried to keep him alive while the f’ing EMTs took over 30 to arrive. It was ridiculous. The shooter ran around the corner and got in a white mid size truck with another man driving. As for the woman, she was in her SUV in the middle of the street and was hit by a stray bullet. When she was hit she hit the accelerator and flew down the street coming to a stop in front of Hals, where she fell out of the car asking for help of the valets.
    Why all the reports are so wrong and inconsistent is truly a sad commentary on what poor reporting was done. How are people able to help find this menace to society if the story is not correctly reported?
    I believe this was a calculated hit on a guy by a rival gang member or a gang member on a guy who looked like a gang member.
    It was truly traumatic and my thoughts go out to the victims family and friends.

  • How horrible. Nothing good has happened to the area since that bar went in (the other room). They sell drugs right in front of the building, teh bouncers know the people in the cars selling the drugs and their in-between kids that hang outside the bar on the sidewalks so essentially this makes the owners part of the problem. I am also very tired of being woken up by loud drunk people walking to their cars from the other room every night, being loud, setting off their car alarms accidentally, causing trouble, its horrible. The other bars in the area don’t seem to have this same sort of issues on a daily basis, this goes on every day, and the loud music coming from the place resonates for several blocks, we all get to hear it even if we don’t like it. And now, gangsters are shooting people there? Please! Can someone shut this nasty place down once and for all??? Its stupid and nothing that our community needs. End the drug deals and gunfire and trouble — shut this bar down!!

  • The shooting occurred in front of the Other Room and then the wounded female drove a car down the street almost to California. Witnesses told police a gunman dressed in black “just walked up and started shooting” during the Abbot Kinney Street Festival on Sunday night, said Officer Karen Smith, a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman.

  • this is still the hoody hood what the did you think it was when you moved in the neighborhood walled in compounds

  • and the blocked off crime scene area where police were searching for evidence was on abbott kinney from near westminster down to california.

  • This could have happened anywhere in Marina Del Rey/Venice it sounds like. Someone knew where someone they wanted to shoot was. Whatever shady element exists at the Other Room also exists at most every bar in LA. The Other Room is filled mostly with white folks who are willing to pay more money than is needed to get drunk(myself included)

    Its sad but its not the bars fault.

  • it seems what beaver is saying sounds pretty accurate to me. to walk up and do something like that sounds like the person was looking for that person, it just happened to be in front of the other room. that place doesn’t even serve hard liquor so it never came across to me as a super shady place. it’s just people sipping wine and beer, not taking hardcore shots. its very unfortunate what happened but it really seems like this person was being seeked out. my heart goes out for his family and friends

  • It most certainly is the bar’s fault because it attracts a certain type of clientele. “White folks” as Beaver calls ’em fit right in the middle of the drug-use demographic. I have watched Abbot Kinney morph over the last 9 years and The Other Room’s existence has made me ill… lines to get in a bar on AK??? Are you kidding???

  • this is really sad of course but why is everyone so shocked? the otherroom is owned by known drug dealers, it was bound to explode eventually. and those who think that venice is all about the scenery need to get hip to the realities of our city.

  • I was shocked. I don’t really get out much (two small kids) so don’t know the scene at The Other Room and how much that may or may not be to blame. I just know my son’s school is one block away. Events like this are a good opportunity to think about what we can do as part of the community to make it safer. I blogged about this on my site Intent as well – offering another perspective love to know your thoughts.

  • you people are crazy. the other room is a owned by known drug dealers??? i have know the owner for over 10 years, since he opened the original ‘room’ in ny. he is not a drug dealer?

    drug dealers and gang members do not hang out there, wine sipping yuppies hang out there.

    you all sound like a bunch of racists. gang member = non-white.

  • I can’t say that I have ever seen drug dealing at TheOtherRoom, and I can’t imagine the people that own it do so. That said, I haven’t been there much after you couldn’t take dogs. I used to like a Venice Pier to Sta. Monica pier walk and back with a sunset brew at the other room.

    I think some posters forget the “allegedly” part of their posts .. then again .. I don’t know everything about the goings on there. You could make the argument that schools are where drug dealers hang too, but that is not their primary purpose .. nor do I think the other rooms is.

    The other room is a great place (I can’t say what it is past 8pm, I am usually gone by then.) but others that go more often may be way more hip on the scene.

  • There are plenty of drugs to be bought on Abbot Kinney. Drugs are everywhere and we need to clean the street up. I wish people weren’t in denial about this.
    Try Equator Books. You can get cocaine any time you want. I had a roommate that spent many nights there in the back office. But you’d never know with the classy facade. It’s ridiculous. This kind of stuff really needs to stop. Drugs bring in very dangerous and desperate people.

    I think the Venice Community needs to unite and try to make it a safer place.

  • Im a local resident living 2 blocks north of california, i heard the gunshots that night and ran over to see what was going on. This like this should not be regular. Venice should be a safe haven. Me and a few other local residents are putting together a petition to either close The Other Room, or demand that it increase its security out front. Although this is only one of the things that has gone on lately, it is important that we go step by step in cleaning up our neighborhood

  • I can’t believe some of these posts….people doing cocaine in Equator in the back office? You think gang members and criminals are going into a rare bookstore in droves and doing coke OR do you think maybe your roommate just did coke with friends where one of them worked?

    I don’t get all this resentment toward the Other Room either, that place is nothing if not upscale….$9 a beer….do any of you people saying this stuff actually go there…and drink….have you ever….smoked…. weed…..taken a xanax on a plane ride?

    This is kinda scary. I am all for taking the seedy dangerous element off the neighborhood streets but people seem to be confusing drug dealing with drug taking and desperate drug addicts with your own neighbors.

    No desperate or dangerous people are going to the Other Room or Equator to get drugs. They would more likely break into your house and make drugs from your cleaning supplies and smoke it from your dogs ass than go into a store with books or a bar that serves more than red or white wine.

    Bars and Restaurants, always, all over the country, have some sort small amount of drug selling/taking. People aren’t moving pounds of Heroin and Crack through these places. Some DoucheBag who just bought a loft down the street from you is going to buy some coke, snort it with a girl, she’ll go home with her friend when the bar closes and he will do the rest on his kitchen counter while catching up on Heroes or Lost.

    This isn’t a terrorist attack.

  • Great Post Beaver, I totally agree.

    It is asinine and libelous to make the jump from alleged employee drug and alcohol use (and or financial gain from selling them) and place the owners of a business in with their lot.

    VenicePie, if your concern is real, the information you have should be shared with the LAPD at their Non-Emergency Information Line 1-877-ASK-LAPD. If it is an issue of a rogue employee of any business in Venice, I am sure a simple call to the owners of the business will be enough to let them know your concerns and let them deal with the situation.

    That said in all of my experiences with Equator Books I have never seen or been witness to any sort of drugs in or around their business.

    Without your following through in the “real world” and calling the business or police with your information, I have to regard your accusations as merely that. How are we to know you are not the owner of another bookstore or something that is simply trying to sway public opinion here in our comment section? Please feel free to respond and follow up with your actions.

    I am going to call Equator Books and let them know of what is being said here so that they can properly (not that they are on the defensive from these nameless accusations at all) address what has been said here.

  • Hi. New here but not to Venice. Thanks for all your posts. I was at the scene on Sunday night and am very sorry Adam lost his life.

  • Beachcruiser and Greenbush are 100% accurate in the description of facts as I was on the scene as well. It was my last day of business across the street so a handful of us were celebrating on my porch exactly when it happened. a few of my friends were able to give descriptions of the shooter and 2 of us went across the street and in the chaos we jumped in to try and do anything we could to help him. Greenbush – are you the guy who was across from me helping out? I was the girl in the white t – holding his chest…If that is you – thank you for your level headed calm way of helping take control of the situation and trying to keep him alive.

    Look – we live in Venice which is pretty safe compared to many other places in LA – just as much a balance of beautiful and safe as it is dangerous. Sadly we live in a violent world. The fact that this happened ON Abbot Kinney In front of the beer and wine bar has less to do with the place as the situation that could have happened anywhere else. Of course where it happened is scary for us all – but no less so then for the people who live a few blocks east and probably deal with situations like this much more then we are made aware. As the other witnesses say – there was no fight – this was a planned hit and could have happened anywhere at any time and we need to remember that at times like these instead of placing blame it is a time that we hold together as a community to support each other, our neighbors, merchants on the street etc… It is a time to reach out to each other – not to fight or call out racisim or make allegations about who does drugs where etc…
    Whatever Adam ‘s life was like that led to his terrible end – we can’t know and can’t judge unless we have lived a life like his. I will say I was horrified by the amount of time it took for the police to show – their laisez faire attitude about it (and I was held for questioning with my friends for an hour) and how when the paramedics strolled up they did not attempt any real life saving measures.
    It was a tragedy – and sadly will probably not be the last we have…instead of petitioning for places to be removed – maybe we should think of positive actions – like starting a neighborhod watch – because Venice as part of LA county doesn’t always have the police presence it needs.

  • The shrine outside the other room makes me sick

    Gangsters should never be memorialized

    Being a gangster is the same as being a terrorist

    Gangsters are sociopaths that help hold poor minority groups back

    If you choose a life of violence don’t be surprised if karma smacks you upside the head

    I’m latino and grew up dirt poor, there’s no excuse for choosing that life

  • Ollephant – nice comment. well put.

    I heard today from a witness closer to Hal’s that the reason the paramedics took so long to get to Adam is that when they saw the woman & scene at Hal’s, they thought that was the crime scene. I’m sure they got 911 calls of a shooting on Abbot Kinney – and didn’t realize there were two scenes/victims to be dealt with. The witness told me that when the fire truck and paramedics got to California, they stopped and helped the woman, then seemed to realize that they had to get to the Otheroom scene. I’m sure it was chaotic for them as well.

    Also, sometimes the medical professionals can tell more about the prognosis of a victim than we can. It may not seem like they were going all out with life-saving measures, but maybe they realized that it was futile. This isn’t TV. Crime scenes and medical emergencies are often much less dramatic than you’d expect. I wasn’t there on Sunday, so I can only go by what you’re saying about the level of urgency the police and paramedics showed, but I can also add to that some knowledge of emergency medicine & law enforcement from friends and family members in those fields.

  • Oh yeah and also…

    It’s not fair to make statements like “the Otheroom is owned by known drug-dealers.” The otheroom’s owner (singular) doesn’t even live in California. How much of a known-drug dealer could he be?

    Statements like that, said so definitively with no basis or evidence – could really hurt a person and/or their business. Whether you like the Otheroom or not, it’s not right to attack the owner with allegations.

  • Yo.I agree with BEAVER to the Fullest. There are no Gangbangers or Hustlers Pumping outta The Other Room.Trust Me..I’m one of the Gangbangers and Hustlahs from the area.I’ve lived in Venice my whole life(29 years) and I’ve witnessed over 15-16 murders in the Area since 94,due to the gang rivalry beetween Culver city,Venice and Santa Monica.But,whats funny to me,Is all these Yuppies in a uproar over “THEY’RE”community being Violent. 1st off,this is OUR community.WE built this city,we work in all the stores,we shovel your Starbucks cups outta the street and You just put up Big azz fences to block yourselves from us.
    2ND,we’ve been living in this for YEARS.And the MEDIA still won’t air the problems,because they dont want to Scare away “prospective Homeowners” who can “Gentrify” my community.In the 1980’s Oakwood was an 85 percent Black community (6th and Brooks What Up) but now I beg to Differ.
    Gangs are a problem,Murder is messed up,but don’t start talking bout your gonna change it,and clean up the streets of Venice.You aint gonna do shxx but get some more Motion Lights for your Garage and sniff some more Blow while you watch teenagers from your Patio chair and call 911 when they accidentally bump ur Mini Cooper..hahaha how u like me now.New Zodiak Killa on youtube.Sincerely.
    A GangBanger

  • While it is an absolute tragedy for anyone to have lost a life, the reality of the situation is that Venice has been plagued with violence for some time. I have lived here for over 40 years, and I have seen more than one shooting. There was a time that you couldn’t walk in the hood at night, and AK (Washington Way) was desolate. Building million dollar homes next door to what were craxk dens isn’t going to change the dynamics of the environment. Violence has certainly decreased, but anyone who lives in Venice must do their part in building the community. Being a part of a positive change. You shouldn’t sit on the terrace of your over-priced mini-modern-mansion and complain. You live in Venice…not Laguna Beach. And, for the record, drugs are everywhere…your office, your kid’s private school, your parties (don’t tell me someone you know isn’t hopped up on a few pills secretly).

  • Respect for ZK’s community. Thank you! And if you’re still perplexed about response time– if you were an eye witness, at the scene, waiting for emergency medical responders to arrive, administering first aid, dealing with lapd, and so on, please note there is a meeting Monday the 6th at Westminster Elementary:
    PS: What’s up with the lapd press release mixing up addresses? Confusion indeed.


  • If you wanna really know what the truth is, read post 28. This gentrification of Venice and many other areas in the urban US is enabling a complete disregard for the people who have lived in them their entire lives. Neighborhoods are being destroyed and the greater concern of “How dare they do this in OUR neighborhood?” is lacking compassion. Why is it even a question about the owners of the Other Room and Equator Books? Someone was killed. Very few posts said anything about sending love to the families of Adam or the woman that was injured. When do we take a deeper look and step outside of the story? When do we start living with integrity and compassion and open our eyes to the REAL needs in front of us. Statements like, “…cleaning up the neighborhood” just perpetuate the problem. When do we stop being so f**king complacent and WORK to create peace, not for the reason of having your neighborhood be safe so you can go and drink a $9 beer, but to know that every person in the world around you is living a life where they too can find some sort of happiness instead of only knowing violence because they are so angry and have been ignored? Get involved in local organizations. Get to know the REAL people in your neighborhood. They may not be driving BMW’s or live in high-end contemporary lofts but they’re interesting, amazing people that just don’t want to be disregarded. Judgment and blame will get you deeper into the violence. Open your heart and stop walking around with blinders on. Love to all of those who are suffering because of this tragedy.

  • i am newer to venice. been here for 3 years. i moved to venice because, like someone pointed out, i like it gritty. i gre up in new york and when imaganing living anywhere else, it had to be on the same level. i have embraced the culture of this community since moving here and i still do.

    that being said, i have never been within feet of gunfire. but on sunday night, i was inside the otheroom. just feet away from where adam was standing, talking to one of the bouncers at the door. i saw him drop to the ground. and i saw the aftermath that ensued. the wait for paramedics, the fear on faces, the confusion about why there were no poilce arriving yet the street was flooded with them throughout the day b/c of the festival.

    being a female and living mere houses from the boardwalk had its moments of fear. the random cholo in my alley. the meth heads. the hungry. the mentally ill. but sunday night left me very scared. not so much b/c of what will happen to the community – it’s been happening just not on abbot kinney ( – but b/c one of those three shots could have hit myself or someone i was with.

    i really appreciate everyone’s input on this. it is cathartic to read about this city. OUR city. because whether anyone likes it or not, we are all staying here. time to kiss and make up, Venice.

  • Adam,
    My love, words cannot describe how much we are hurting without you. 16 years of my life I spent with you. You where the best daddy any little girl could ever ask for, Thanks to you our daughter Desiree has accomplished so much in the 12 years she got to spend with you. She was School president of her whole elementary school for her 5th year, she made 3 honor scholar classes for middle school, has come out in 2 plays at the actor’s gang theater and multiple other talent shows (She has your confidence) you made sure she accomplished your dream of seeing her play softball at North Venice little league, the way you did when you where a little boy, thanks to you pushing her to do her best she made the All STAR both years. You where a dedicated father and husband you always made sure we were taken care of.

    It really hurts to know somebody has robbed us of our future together you are my soul mate. You where everything to us, you gave us strength and courage in this world, I do not know how we can go on without you, the pain and hollowness is too much to bear for me.

    Please give me the strength to wake up in the mornings, I will do my very best to continue making sure Desiree makes it to college the way you always wanted her to. I can still remember your words to her “Education is the key you have to go to college and get a career honey” “school is very important” she will remember all the encouraging you gave her for the rest of her life, she knew you were proud of her every time to would speak to someone about her. We miss you and love you, please be our guardian angel and protect and look after us. Our life will never be the same without you.

    Media: it hurts to think that my husband is being categorized as a gang member, Adam was born and raised in Venice and loved this city. He was a Local and a legend to everyone that knew him in Venice. He was a hard working man a fire sprinkler fitter for the Union Local 709. He saved life’s installing these. He did not deserve to be killed in such a cowardly way being shot from the back; he did not even see it coming. It makes me sick how somebody can do this to another human being, they have taken him from us and we have to live with the pain while they walk around breathing. Please if anybody has any information please call the detectives at 310-482-6370

  • So it has been a year, WOW seems like just yesterday I lost the love of my life and the father of my child, all I can say is I have learned behind every successful man there lay’s a pack of haters! either you were really jealous of Adams life or you all did not feel safe anymore….I received Adams Autopsy report and just like I thought HE WAS SHOT in the back!! While he rests in peace know that Desiree and I are still hurting and that is all that you have accomplished. He rest in peace………….. While you are still struggling…Oh and yeah where ever you walk, always be watching behind you back, Lame Coward! What goes around come around!!!

    As far as the ones that still have questions about the false news reporting…the innocent 50yr lady had nothing to do with Adam…she was at the wrong place poor thing at the wrong time. thank you all my family and friend that have been here for Desiree and I..And for always checking up on us, it has not been easy…but it has made us stronger

    Perla Pacheco and Desiree Pacheco

  • perleepearl – Sorry for your loss. I am curious, did they ever the shooter? If not, can you give me a description on the white truck that was used for the shooter to get away with?

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