Big Police Turn out at Rose and 5th street


YoVenice reader Christian posted up some pictures from a large Police incident in Venice today at Rose and 5th. The original picture is here with some good Flickr notes attached.

Anyone know what happened?

Update: Sadly, it appears it was an apparent suicide attempt. We hope they are o.k.

Police in Venice Beach California.jpg

From Christian:

there were atleast ten police cars gathered today at an intersection right around the corner from our home…. if you click on all sizes, then large, you will see more details.

i’m trying to find out exactly what happened. i arrived on the scene above just before 2:30 p.m.

these pictures were taken from the car as i slowly drove by. the police told me nothing.

have consulted the l.a. times homicide blog but so far, nothing has turned up. and not much happening on the l.a. times local news page either.

only sketchy eyewitness accounts.

there have been a number of homicides in venice in the last few months, so i’d like to know what’s going on.