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Last night’s Heal the Bay White Party

Last night we attended Party with a Cause‘s Heal the Bay White Party and can report back that if you did not attend you missed a wonderful event this year! Great music and friendly people made for a fun time had by all. We will keep you posted on their next charity event!

Click here for the Venice Paparazzi pictures!

heal the bay white party

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  • Ah yes, another fine example of you posers just fawning all over the PRETENTIOUS COCKSUCKERS at events like these. These rich ELITIST LIBERAL ASSHOLES are really only wanting to pose/network/socialize rather than actually go clean up the beach. Most of these assholes probably don’t even go in the water. They really don’t give a fuck about the beach, but I’m sure as hell they spent WAY too much time thinking about/choosing there lil white outfit. KILL ALL THE HYPOCRITICAL ELITIST LIBS—the very worst kind that most of this great country LAUGHS AT!

  • The “Anonymous” and John’s comments are not fair considering that they were not even at the party.

    I paid for the ticket, went to the party and met many people who sincerely want to keeping the ocean clean. Many of us participated in the beach clean-up the day before (every 3rd Sat) so calling us “Liberal Assholes” or “pretentious” are completely false and very premature.

  • Although I believe in freedom of speech, I certainly would not be leaving such damning judgement on an event i didn’t even attend, much less have any association with the participants in attendance. Without passing my own judgement, I feel that commentary like this is unfortunate given that we all coexist in the same community and share our beach. Although it may be hard for people like John to understand, I put on this annual fund raiser, without any personal financial gain (on the contrary, it costs me to put it on), to gain awareness for Heal the Bay and raise funds through the circles that can afford to contribute financially.

    Had John have been in attendance, he would have been out of sorts as there was nothing pretentious about the crowd, and it turns out everyone there did give a f— about the beach because they all donated in order to attend.

  • The event was a pleasure to attend and it was a great success. Everyone in attendance paid to be there and all the proceeds went to Heal the Bay. Regardless of how much time people spent on their gear, they still paid to be there, which in fact helps the ocean.

    On the contrary, John, you were probably spending your money at some local pub complaining about “rich liberal assholes,” that were making a bigger difference than your PUNK ass.

  • I attended the event and thought it was a great success. Not only did it raise money for a worthy cause, it allowed those in the area who actually give a shit about something greater than themselves to get together and celebrate it. The party was phenomonal, the people were considerate, and those people who are rude enough to write lame unverified comments on this site are the ones who are the real cocksucking assholes =) xoxo

  • Obviously everyone who attended cares about the beach. ALL of the money went straight to heal the bay. So, John, you can shut the fuck up and go bone someone up the ass.

  • I think “John” forgot to take his meds.
    I’m sure that on his good days he participates in beach cleanups and generally supports various charities by donating his own time and money.
    Or not.

  • John, you are a pussy. Tough on the net, pussy on the street. Come next year, I would be glad to meet you.

    Lisa, amazing event. Great contribution to charity, great people, awesome atmosphere. Don’t let the douchebags that don’t know the cause get you down. My people and I will always support such a great cause.

  • Lisa, fantastic event. So glad Yuko invited me. the trip from Cleveland was well worth it for this cause.
    and John what have you done to improve the bay?

  • John. Dude. How do you go through life being so jaded and presumptuous? This is not the first ranting comment you’ve made, and I wonder why you still read our site at all?

    First of all, IF you are right that the people who attend charity fund-raising events are more interested in being pretentious and social than actually getting involved in a cause (and you are NOT right, btw), they are STILL donating money to a very worthy cause. Are any of your friends going to make large donations, which is what non-profits rely on to do their work? Small donations and volunteer work is, of course, important as well, but who cares who gives the money if it helps clean up the ocean?! And who cares if the they have ever been in the water?! Do I have to have been homeless in order to donate money and time to help homeless people?

    Second, you could not be more wrong about us “fawning” over ANYONE. When we are made aware of an event or business opening – we post it. If certain segments of the public aren’t represented on YoVenice, it’s not because we pick and choose. It’s because they don’t contact us. We have “submit a story” and “contact us” and we have made multiple requests for anyone to contribute a story about Venice. We can only post about what we know about.

    And lastly: Tone it down, yo! No one takes ranting comments seriously. “Kill all the hypocritical elitist libs”? You sound like a lunatic, you do not represent this “great country”, and furthermore, it sounds to me like YOU are the elitist – looking down on anyone who doesn’t fit into what you think a person should be.

    Wealthy liberals are not the enemy, John. Small-minded people with big mouths are.

  • John,

    Why so hostile, John? From your own choice of words, it is clear that that you are an uninformed, bitter person with no class—the type who sits around and complains about things without ever making a positive difference to any cause. The irony is, even someone as miserable as you would have been welcomed at this party. I have known Lisa, the event planner, for over a decade and if you are looking for an outlet for your undirected angst at society’s ills, you have picked the wrong target. Lisa gathered a group of people in attendance as dynamic and generous as she is (or as close to it as you can find). Maybe next year we’ll have a fundraiser to get you some help. Enough about you.

    For anyone who reads this, and might (inexplicably) give some weight to John’s spiteful words, rest assured that the people who attend this party come from all walks of life. There is no single definition of “success” in the room (nor just one ethnicity, Mr. Anonymous on July 22). Some people in attendance are “rich,” others are not. Many grew up with nothing and achieved success through good old hard work. Most are involved in a variety of good causes. In the end though, none of that matters, because everyone shared the common goal of helping a good cause. The fact that we had a blast and looked great in the process doesn’t change that. The success of this party and the great crowd of people there is a testament to the people who organized it – the most unpretentious, generous people I know. I plan to attend this event for as many years as it continues and encourage others to do the same. To everyone who was there, to Lisa, to everyone else who had a hand in pulling off this event, and to everyone who gives a damn, cheers to you!

  • I would firstly like to say that the event on Sunday was a great success and it fills me with pride to watch my amazing sister do what she is so great at; gathering together friends to help a cause.
    Having raised well over $50,000 in the past few years, surely, John, you should be congratulating her instead of pissing and moaning like a bitch. You should realize that you have one to the wrong place to badmouth this event. Even the editor of this site can’t stand you, so take your opinionated bullshit somewhere else. If you want to take this any further, please let me know, and I’ll be pleased to show you exactly how far I am willing to go to protect the great people behind this event. Otherwise, keep your opinions to yourself , and until you can match even half our contribution to Heal the Bay, shut the F up. C U Next Time John

  • Bitter people spend their lives instigating the negative.
    Its hard to imagine a beautiful crowd of multi-ethnic, multi-national people dancing for the good of our oceans, but that was the genius of the white party.
    John defeats himself with his ignorance.

  • In stark contrast to your simple-minded, crass and grammatically-incorrect comments, John, the White Party was actually an extremely successful charitable event where people from all walks of life and a variety of ethnic backgrounds came together to support a worthwhile cause. It is not “hypocritical” to support a cause monetarily; in fact, most charitable organizations are only able to survive because of events like the one Lisa put on. Getting out there and physically cleaning up the beach is obviously critically important; however, without enough funding, organizations like Heal the Bay would not be able to do what they.
    For you to pass judgment on the event and those who attended without so much as one piece of actual information is pathetic, and a sign that you are an extremely unhappy individual with a lot of free time on your hands. I challenge you to use some of that free time to plan a beach clean-up day. If you do I’d gladly come out to help. In fact, I’ll do you one better, and will make it my job to get as many of the “hypocritical elitist libs” from the White Party to come out too. I also think you’d have a much greater respect for Lisa and the hard work she put into this event if you got off your ass and did something. Of course, you’re probably much happier sitting anonymously at your computer criticizing other people.

  • I attended the white party, sunday at the Ritz Carlton. I really want to thank all those involved that put on such a great event, for a very important cause. It was clear to see that Lisa had spent a tremendous amount of creative time in putting together this evening. It was a success in raising a large amount of money to benefit the growth in “Heal the Bay”. As for you John, best you stick to the dollar menu. Where I come from they say if you haven’t got anything good to say, Dont say anything at all. Your so off the mark on this one.

  • No comment on the drunken ramblings of John, but as an attendee I wanted to say I had a fantastic time and look forward to doing it again next year.

  • Why would someone attack a party aimed at improving our ocean? The event was a wildly entertaining way to raise funds and to draw attention to a very important cause. The attire seems to have been a distraction, however. Perhaps John will let us know what conservatives wear to their celebrations of the Bush administration’s attack on the Clean Water Act.

  • What a LAME looking bunch of people. All wearing WHITE so you can know they think they are the upper crust. Too pretentious to get down and DIRTY with a trashbag and pick up some of the garbage all over the beach there. They’ d rather write a check and drive a LANDROVER to the party.

    So let em congregate in their little snobcircle. Just don’t expect any RESPECT from the real beach LOCALS who laugh at the ridiculous posing!

  • No idea how white is meant to be pretentious. Top hat, perhaps, but that’s entirely different.

    Lovely party for a great cause.
    Thank you Lisa!

  • I interpreted the “white” theme to be symbolic of cleaning the ocean, healing the bay?

    You know, I really hate the assumption that white = upper crust, posing, snobbish. Jason, are you saying that anything below “upper crust” is dirty?! If the attendees wore work clothes and all met at the beach for a clean-up, I bet there would be comments about “look at the rich white posers trying to act like they care.”

    Attitudes like these are short-sighted and bigoted.

    There is more than one way to clean the ocean. Writing checks is one way. And the tickets for this event were $100. Not the thousands of dollars a ticket for political campaign fundraisers or others that “upper class” people attend. $100 is not small change, but it is more feasible for everyday working-class people who care about the ocean and want to make a monetary contribution – and who, by the way, attended this event AND wore white.

  • It really does look and sound elitist and pretentious. I’ll bet everyone was drinking bottled water.

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