New Ways to Pay the Man


Zach at the LAist sent along some new news on the parking meters that have popped up around town. From their story,

parking meter in Venice on Washington

According to Daniel Mitchell, Senior Engineer with program oversight for the new fancy Park & Pay Meters, the next scheduled “roll-out” is in Venice in three separate areas on Main Street, Winward Ave. and Washington Blvd. The estimated completion date is July 31. To date, the only on street location of these new credit-card taking, cell-phone paying machines is located in Silver Lake on Sunset Blvd. More are to come throughout the city over the upcoming months. 30 off-street lots currently use this new technology.



  1. We have these all over Pasadena. People are getting tickets all the time because they are a little intimidated by these machines.

  2. The best part is that these things often cost more money than they generate. Who is being paid to produce them??

    Watch out, next they will change the rates depending on how popular areas are – “market pricing” is how they justify it. Has happened in SF (for a 5x YoY revenue) and RWC (similar results).

    Total crookery.

  3. So, now, instead of cutting down hundreds of parking meters, all I need to do is take out a few “pay stations?”