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Not cool in Venice.

This post has been edited to remove three pictures and text that referred to the pictures.

Fighting is not cool.

The previous pictures posted here were not libelous, I am just doing this as a polite thing because a poster (see comments below) that was involved in this dispute came here to address the situation. I have sent him an email in response to one he sent me which when resolved may help shed light for the whole community on this situation.


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  • it would be a mistake to blame “critical mass” for

    hard to tell whats happening in the vid..but looks like an average weekend night in venice to me..some drunk locals getting heated..beated and off they wired jaws..looks like it went pretty well..

    but attributing this event to “critical mass” riders?

    kinda like the aforementioned ‘blind hatred of cars’

    even to say ‘fixed gear riders’ would be erroneous

    and could cause FURTHER trouble
    in the form of retaliatory violence on INNOCENT hipsters..some of whom are in fact your neighbors..(read ROGVESTATVS)

    also use caution claiming VENICE in these situations..and further making THREATS

    Uncle George might not approve.

    GOD SAVE AMERICA..venice can take care of herself!!!!

  • You sure they were Massers? The Midnight Ridazz were out at the Marina last night, too. They tend to be a little more aggressive in adopting their rebel pose.

  • Warren, not sure so I did change the post after someone in the bicycle community told me there are a few groups. When I was out in the Marina a whole bunch of friendly bicyclists rode by having a great time. They said they were massers and they were all smiles and looked like a nice group of people. I assumed these guys were with them but that is an incorrect assumption that I should not have made … as such I changed the post to reflect that.

  • Bikers are cool, but it looks like they were asking for trouble.
    Because Venice is so bike friendly, some people forget they are not alone on the road.

    I filmed a bit of video of the bikers coming back form the fireworks, they were all smiles.

  • ok, so heres the deal, i was there. i was involved. in fact thats me with the red hair.

    Heres what happened.

    We were eating at el tarasco when this guy came whipping around the alley and almost hit us. He then started yelling at us, because we were in his way. He was cussing us out and yelling foul S*** at the ladies, so we yelled back at him. Same thing you all would do. Thats when he got out of his car. We, and especially me, asked him several times to get back in his car and leave, problem solved, every one goes home happy. He continued to yell and cuss, at one point he walked over to where we were eating and grabbed the KNIVES off the table and threatened to STAB us. Like i said, i PLEADED with this tough guy to get back in his car and be on his way. When he became physically violent, and by that i mean, when he laid hands on me, thats when you have to make a choice, eat or be eaten. I didnt feel like getting stabbed with my dinner ware, so i did what any one in that situation would do, i put him down. And yes, i did leave as soon as i saw the cops, because cops never give a shit about the situation, all they want to do is fill up there stat sheets and hit their quota’s…

    So, with that being said, i would suggest the person responsible for this libel, take down this post/blog before it causes damage to the reputation of the shop. My lawyer has advised me that once you are informed of the situation and choose to continue with your damaging remarks, we will be able to take legal action. Im not trying to be a dick, but you should really get the facts straight before you go mouthing off.

  • your so dreamy .like a guarding angle dose your internet crime fighting costum come with a cape.

  • Bret, Thank you for taking some time to dig a little deeper an find the truth about what happened. The statements i found most offensive were the “Rat Pack” and “beat him up cause he was in a car” remarks. Probably not direct quotes, but close. And those non fact based comments can cause harm to an individual or a group of individuals. Again thank you for editing the photos, I look forward to speaking with you soon regarding the prequel to the video.

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