The Tarasco Soda Conspiracy of 2008


Eaters beware that El Tarasco on Washington is getting all sorts of sneaky with their cheap eats! El Tarasco is one of our favorite cheap eats places around Venice and we go there often. The Jr. Super Deluxe burrito is a favorite as is the breakfast burrito. Yesterday however when the bill came it was 20 bucks for our usually 12 dollar meal. Asking what that was all about we were told that drink refills are now a buck a pop. That is fine by us, but not when midway through our diet coke they ask if we want a refill. And then ask again, and again. We are not so happy that getting half glass refills at El Tarasco now adds up to 8 bucks between two eaters. Now we know, as do you!

El Tarasco Venice Beach by

El Tarasco
109 Washington Blvd

Venice, CA 90292
(310) 306-8552